Student Record

(Summary description)""The sudden disaster wa商空s really too difficult for the babies兒見 studying abroad this time. Both li相吧fe and academic planning have been disr間醫upted. So, what is the 車河actual situation in the有電 epidemic for us far away from o錢好verseas? "

The epidemic situation in China has imp如又roved, and the outbreak in fo從近reign countries has caused many ove做習rseas Chinese and some inte快請rnational students to choose見匠 to return to their motherland. 鄉街Because of the impact話業 of the epidemic, they can har自會dly return to the country. It sound白靜s terrible. So, let's take 匠呢a closer look at the st短喝udy abroad babies living in Dresd日相en.


During the epidemic, how is your s影日tudy and life in Germany different from還外 your usual?

During this time, German universiti妹章es have stopped teaching offli年街ne. Tudias opened an online course for 師紙us. I feel pressured in my s票商tudies. After all, we have t間車o face the final exa熱術m. Fortunately, everyone lives in 我光a building, and you can consult w關為ith each other about learning店都-related issues, or you can send an e-唱體mail to the instructor.個和 In life, because you c資農annot go out, all outdoor activ弟校ities are basically gone. Go to the 校內supermarket to replenish it at int線不ervals. More time is spent studying 身機in the dormitory or watching the dra用暗ma a little, playing some games 作資to relax. Are all fat (囧...)

According to your und還分erstanding, how does 來費the German people di去好ffer from the domestic pe匠姐ople in regard to the ep金腦idemic situation?

Because the epidemic developed業窗 first in China, we, 跳白as German international student體靜s, know more about this matte煙友r. From the domestic media and frien她民ds and family, we also know that th化人e new crown is very dangerous. But in 話關Germany, in the early days, local Ge藍作rmans seemed not to ta著場ke the new crown seriously. I think th她訊ey regarded the new cr志睡own as a big cold, but they didn'朋木t think it was a big 報能deal. This was also re相秒lated to the guidance of the影姐 German media. Many domestic analyses 了朋and conditions of the epidemic have得車 not been effectively communicated t黃工o ordinary German citizens. A ver很綠y straightforward example, the idea of但務 ​​Chinese people we看爸aring masks is to protect the術影mselves and protect others. The Ger要懂mans think that only機河 sick people wear masks.

What do you think of the anti-epidem木文ic measures in China and Ger腦市many?

I think the domestic epidemic明訊 situation is handled very w下睡ell. At first, I was somet綠子imes worried. After the state mach草學ine was put into oper物站ation, the epidemic situation w門城as quickly suppressed. At that time嗎煙, when the domestic epidemic樂光 was fierce, I still fe鄉的lt quite safe in Germany. Unexpectedl通日y, it didn't take long for照輛 the epidemic in Germany to start關門 to rise. Looking at the incr裡文ease in the number o公舞f patients in Germany 一知every day, my heart is really 街化pounding. Later, I saw from the new從黑s that Germany's medical reso話放urces are stronger an中村d better than other Europea現自n countries, and the mentali腦玩ty has slowly stabilized. Later,商到 I also learned that Germany als少年o learned a lot of valuable do影唱mestic experience in the fight ag光國ainst epidemics. Last week, the entire算拍 German territory had mandatory we技路aring masks.

When the epidemic bro市間ke out in Germany, how did you think 事和about returning or not returning河快?

This problem has been entan舞麗gled for a long time afte北民r the outbreak in Germany. I also 厭答discussed with my family 我習for a long time. In the end, I final歌工ly chose to trust the German medical s照業ystem. I think it should not be br能家oken down like Italy and Spain你通. Moreover, returning home 答車will have to pass through a se嗎弟ries of high-risk areas such as ai很唱rports and planes. I樂票n the end, I chose to s你城tay in Germany.

After this period of time, what do麗關 you most want to say to 村店your family?

My parents are very worried about my 月熱study and life in Germany. Basica拿作lly, I will report the山放 safety and German epidemic situati鐵刀on data with them eve麗西ry day. What I want to tell them志美 most here is, don’t worry abo土國ut us like that, we are術好 safe in Germany now. The infle小從ction point of the German epidemic 用關has arrived, and the sc時嗎hool will start soon, and e著器verything will return 笑我to normal.

No matter where the students are, th姐關e great motherland will always be大理 with you. When you return to school,務內 you must live up to yourself and your 很和loved ones, let alone live 了哥up to the needs and expectations 好件of our motherland. We討遠 are waiting for you here.

Student Record

(Summary description)""The sudden disaster was r畫民eally too difficult for the babies 男動studying abroad this time分你. Both life and academ錢間ic planning have been disrupted. So,資睡 what is the actual situation in 體訊the epidemic for us 女兵far away from overseas? "

The epidemic situation in China時機 has improved, and the outbre友唱ak in foreign countries has caus票師ed many overseas Chinese and some 月白international students t雪紅o choose to return to their mothe年的rland. Because of the impact 樂影of the epidemic, they can hardly 為在return to the country. It sounds ter這北rible. So, let's take a clos站銀er look at the study音草 abroad babies living in Dre也要sden.


During the epidemic, how is your s書新tudy and life in Ger和花many different from your usual?東放

During this time, Germa不可n universities have stopped teach雪愛ing offline. Tudias opened 對的an online course for u可舊s. I feel pressured i筆下n my studies. After all, we我話 have to face the final exam. Fortunate子服ly, everyone lives i離離n a building, and you can co一用nsult with each other about 員唱learning-related issues, or yo男不u can send an e-mail to 飛頻the instructor. In life, beca請都use you cannot go out,冷理 all outdoor activities a志那re basically gone. Go to th機生e supermarket to replenish it at interv姐那als. More time is sp開對ent studying in the 業上dormitory or watchin微資g the drama a little, playing some ga兵喝mes to relax. Are all fat (囧...)

According to your understanding銀間, how does the German people differ 煙工from the domestic people in regard to 放懂the epidemic situation?

Because the epidemic develop西海ed first in China, we, as Germ月紙an international students, k和拍now more about this matter. 女慢From the domestic media and friends a議現nd family, we also know that the 著去new crown is very dange房舞rous. But in Germany, in the ear房樹ly days, local Germans seemed什花 not to take the new crown seriously.現信 I think they regarded the new cro間煙wn as a big cold, but they didn't t山哥hink it was a big deal. Thi動廠s was also related to th離也e guidance of the German media他呢. Many domestic anal問綠yses and conditions of the epid呢很emic have not been effectivel街中y communicated to ordinary Germ兒如an citizens. A very straight知化forward example, the idea 裡妹of ​​Chinese people weari會個ng masks is to protect them站河selves and protect others. T跳小he Germans think that only si車我ck people wear masks.又們

What do you think of the anti-epidemi年銀c measures in China and土河 Germany?

I think the domestic epi自音demic situation is hand理上led very well. At first, I was sometime風我s worried. After the state machine wa坐科s put into operation, th空火e epidemic situation was quickly信費 suppressed. At that ti些妹me, when the domesti花歌c epidemic was fierce, I stil紅得l felt quite safe in Germany. U了樂nexpectedly, it didn't 討歌take long for the epidemic in German拍購y to start to rise. Looki低雪ng at the increase i睡山n the number of patients著務 in Germany every day, my hea東大rt is really pounding. 飛車Later, I saw from the news 又路that Germany's medical resources are s下討tronger and better than ot話讀her European countries, and th日下e mentality has slowly stabilized河話. Later, I also learned that Germany去訊 also learned a lot of valuable domest森她ic experience in the fight again一店st epidemics. Last wee風匠k, the entire German territory 子電had mandatory wearing masks.

When the epidemic broke out關金 in Germany, how did you think abou小舞t returning or not returning?

This problem has been en內錯tangled for a long time睡慢 after the outbreak in Germany. I also信理 discussed with my family 慢金for a long time. In the end,好舞 I finally chose to trust th靜湖e German medical system. I think it sho計哥uld not be broken down like 舊個Italy and Spain. Moreover, return北門ing home will have t拍做o pass through a series of high-risk a木樂reas such as airports and plan船拍es. In the end, I chose to st議說ay in Germany.

After this period of time, what do you廠物 most want to say to your 子生family?

My parents are very worr煙視ied about my study a站舞nd life in Germany. Basically, 友飛I will report the safety and German 議男epidemic situation data wit作大h them every day. What I want to t麗生ell them most here i照窗s, don’t worry about us like that, w歌吃e are safe in Germany now. The森市 inflection point of the German ep對謝idemic has arrived, and t關司he school will start soon, and跳動 everything will retu暗弟rn to normal.

No matter where the 日用students are, the great motherla事舊nd will always be with you. When you re老志turn to school, you must件北 live up to yourself and your loved one算木s, let alone live up to the 師熱needs and expectations of our間的 motherland. We are waiting for you 外劇here.


This sudden epidemic門話 was hard for the stude冷低nts who studied abroad this 關會time. Both life and academic pla們司nning have been disrupted. So, what做知 is the actual situation of the epide腦計mic for us who are abroad?


The epidemic situation in C鄉醫hina has improved, and the ou章暗tbreak in foreign countries h學弟as caused many overseas Chinese and som快員e international students to c下聽hoose to return to their motherland. Be畫笑cause of the impact of the epidemic,看我 they can hardly retur議件n to the country. It s西冷ounds terrible. So, let還讀's take a closer look at th車站e international students l少放iving in Dresden.




A: How was your study and li微刀fe in Germany during the epidemic 做請different from before?



B: During this time, 學鐵Tudias switched the courses from off的草line to online. This chan雜你ge in teaching mode is very短熱 stressful for me, especi熱鐘ally when it comes to final 件子exams. Fortunately, eve對年ryone lives in the same buildin男遠g, you can discuss with o線報ther students about the 熱件problems in your study, or you ca商子n email your professor about 計間your questions. Due to th雨校e epidemic, we have almost友和 no outdoor activities and can only go讀玩 to the supermarket occ銀動asionally. The rest of the time, we j她樹ust study in the dormitory o件紅r relax by watching video內技s and playing games.



A: According to your understanding, how這件 does the German people different fr火拍om the domestic people rega對很rding the epidemic situatio音理n?



B: Through the internet, the media間近 and our families in China, we know 在遠that COVID-19 is a dan是用gerous virus. But in Germa通紅ny, at first, people didn笑線’t take the coronavirus very seriously.月拿 They saw it as a bad cold. Th時著is is also due to the銀厭 German media, which did not accurat工聽ely communicate the re秒信ality and severity of the epidemic 冷多to the German people. A very straightfo嗎服rward example is tha身們t the Chinese believe that wear動化ing masks can protect themselve能熱s and others from the virus, while員靜 the Germans believe that wear市志ing masks is only nec體你essary after they are sick.



A: What is your view on the a坐體nti-epidemic measures taken by China做多 and Germany?



B: I think the pandemic in China is h討街andled very well. I was worr草畫ied when the pandemic was severe at hom廠秒e, but I still felt safe i妹金n Germany. However, it didn’t take遠計 long before the number of confi空煙rmed cases in Germany 黃聽started to rise dramaticall水道y, which made me feel ne媽生rvous. Then I read in th購都e news that Germany’s medical resourc可答es are much better than those of o對高ther European countries, and I was much有森 relieved. I also learned 遠書that Germany had learned a lot about Ch水銀ina’s methods and experiences in fight海村ing the pandemic.



A: When the pandemic broke out in服店 Germany, how did you choose妹北 whether to go back to China or not雪去?



B: I discussed this issue with my年答 family for a long time after the 資問outbreak in Germany. In the end I cho街木se to trust the German medical syst風可em. In addition, if I chose to return 人愛home, I had to go through a series 術哥of high-risk areas such as ai空空rports and airplanes. So, in 相飛the end I chose to s討他tay in Germany.



A: After this time, what would you most愛水 like to say to your fa鐵電mily?



B: My parents are very worried到村 about my study and life in Germany. Ba問內sically, I will report報愛 the safety and German epidemic situ開地ation data with them ev離線ery day. What I want to t雨機ell them most here is, don’t worry唱章 about us like that, we are 亮公safe in Germany now. The inflection 聽工point of the German ep醫輛idemic has arrived, and章歌 the school will start soon, and ever有輛ything will return to nor放服mal.



No matter where the student用信s are, the great motherland wil站快l always be with you. 呢做When you return to school, you mus金長t live up to yourself and 也些your loved ones, let alone live up to t火爸he needs and expectations of our mot頻金herland. We are waiting for you雨為 here.


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