Project Introduction


Project Introduction

Founded in September 2006,分答 its predecessor was China (Ministry友書 of Education) Overseas Study Ser煙多vice Center (abbreviation: CSCS裡西E) directly under the German Department都錯 of Beijing Jiahua Shida 地月International Education Exc快和hange Co., Ltd. (Central Enterprise) 土商(the first company in China with the 慢校qualification to study abroad) )玩友, responsible for studying 子自abroad at your own expense i話朋n Germany, translation and c坐信ertification of German academic qual得雨ifications, access to study abroad 海樂files, and reception of Germ她從an personnel in China. So師話 far, our company has successfull間知y relied on the platform o女美f China (Ministry of Education船離) Study Abroad Service章道 Center, successfully realized the校林 dream of studying in Ge媽業rmany for more than 5,000 Chi懂低nese students and received many people林花 from the official German educat又妹ion department and major universitie能西s.

Trier University of Applied Sciences

Trier University of Applied Scien是兵ces

The University of Applied村道 Sciences (FH) has un來計dergraduate and master courses. Just相志 like the comprehensive univers中校ity (Uni), the graduates are gradua個風ted with undergraduate and mas多購ter degrees. Its core 數會characteristics are the pra做湖ctical application of teachin是弟g and the emphasis on training stu爸說dents to solve practical probl相我ems. In terms of faculty, in 道路addition to hiring doctors who pass the服他 professor qualification exam, the sc但頻hool will also hire s筆關ome cutting-edge practiti能那oners in various fields as par上裡t-time professors or part-time lecture西就rs, which establishes a dir到錯ect link between the sc可問hool and society and provides studen遠線ts with Considerable internships a中兒nd employment opportunities. According 跳道to statistics, 2/3 of eng路鐘ineers and 1/2 of industrial 問錢economists (including 2/3體鐘 of engineers of Volkswagen Group and 3笑的/4 of engineers of Siemens)謝快 all graduated from the University可報 of Applied Sciences.
Dresden University of Applied Sciences

Dresden University of暗就 Applied Sciences

The Dresden University 著這of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschule 習術Dresden for short: FHD) was establishe城說d in 2010. The universi來跳ty is located in Dresden, the capita媽票l of the Free State of Saxony, Germany,相用 known as "European Silicon Val得下ley" and "European Garden". 什器A new type of private university that 空北focuses on teaching, focusin動術g on practice, and focu刀科sing on scientific research. At the讀日 same time, FHD is also科制 a university recognized by the German 員自government. The university current話公ly has more than 600 students. FHD fo關相llows the German higher做日 education tradition, the professional 山好setting closely follows the mar關技ket demand, the professional the答可ory is closely connected wi們遠th the latest scientific research achie報話vements, the teaching work focuse在會s on personalized tr個了aining, small class t靜高eaching, excellent teach路間er-student ratio (1:45) and excel作讀lent students Graduation rate (94%)我都 is famous. At the same time, in order現木 to ensure and improve the quality of些在 teaching and scientific research,理畫 FHD University has speciall藍裡y set up a quality management system a道紅nd a teaching and sci下機entific research system, creat醫下ing favorable conditions for the dev大還elopment of the strategic structure of 市現students and schools不刀.
European University of Applied Sciences

European University of Applied 外我Sciences

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