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Chemnitz University of Technology

Chemnitz University of 為見Technology, or TUC for行票 short, was founded in 1836件月 and currently has m輛舊ore than 180 years of hi訊坐story. The university is located in Che山暗mnitz, Saxony. It is a體員n important machinery manuf外頻acturing center in Ge又秒rmany and one of the important high-tec答呢h bases in Germany. Chemnitz Universit紙新y of Technology is k紙購nown for its friendliness to students 如黃and is ranked second among th花見e 63 most beloved universities 湖文in Germany. The university has establi鐘這shed partnerships wi錯雨th more than 100 colleges and uni書窗versities. It has more than 10,0分吧00 students, more than 1紙站,600 faculty members, and more than 60請還 majors. It is a key German univ音民ersity of technology.
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Chemnitz University of Te身務chnology

school introduction

Chemnitz University of Tech開門nology, or TUC for short,錯筆 was founded in 1836 and curren喝年tly has more than 180 years of histo車購ry. The university is located in Che有師mnitz, Saxony. It is an important是現 machinery manufactu錢紙ring center in Germany and one of the 做能important high-tech bases in 國習Germany. Chemnitz University of Techn風相ology is known for its friendliness 的拍to students and is ranked s舊間econd among the 63 mos跳秒t beloved universities in Germany. T草頻he university has established par問秒tnerships with more tha厭通n 100 colleges and universities. It h子大as more than 10,000 stu相視dents, more than 1,600 faculty m拍看embers, and more than飛厭 60 majors. It is a key German uni紅車versity of technology.

City Introduction

"Chemnitz" is named a睡農fter a river of the same name會林 flowing through the 話習city. From May 10, 1953 to Ju空習ne 1, 1990, Chemnitz was renamed "K廠跳arl Marx". The population of Che車吧mnitz has exceeded 100,000 since ab討間out 1883. With nearly 250,000 inh雨河abitants, Chemnitz is t知在he third largest city in the 市照state after Leipzig and 那區Dresden, and one of the s拍東ix Oberzentren in the state. Chem費些nitz has the status of a muni都農cipality directly under the Central Gov的中ernment and is the seat 弟雨of the administrative district路風 of the same name. Together with Z煙廠wickau, the city forms the商西 core of the "Chemnitz-Zwickau Eco通金nomic Zone" and is also part 冷書of the "Saxony Triangle務用 Metropolis".

In recent years, Chemnitz wit明錢h a population of 300,000 has official議服ly become one of the most 拍線important high-tech bases in Germ現話any. Dozens of small high-tech companie信報s have been built around her. At the sa分為me time, well-known large com術能panies such as Volkswagen and Siemens 這就have also set up factories in Chemnitz.慢嗎 Today, with more than 200 years of ind玩用ustrialization history, the city has近從 become an important place f少老or scientific and tec靜間hnological research and development, i對木ncluding the automotiv黃作e and transportation說能 industries, information tech劇嗎nology, and machinery and equipment ma河購nufacturing. It is also ho媽朋me to Chemnitz University of Techno吃藍logy.Chemnitz is also a c數謝ity with a long cultur弟理al history. She owns the Opera Hous慢高e built in 1900 and the Kin東雪g Elbert Museum which has colle亮明cted many first-class German expression讀事ist works. In this city at the f廠現oot of the Erz Mounta男靜ins (Germany-Czech Republic), t村大here are many leisure 員短and entertainment cent跳畫ers and museums, incl家木uding die Kunstsammlungen 做多Chemnitz and Staatliches Mus務個eum für Archäologie Chemnitz).

Professional presentation


Bachelor major:

Applied Informatics, Br玩時itish and American Literature, Ve遠新hicle Informatics, Vehicle Production a少笑nd Engineering, Biomedical Engineeri媽妹ng, Chemistry, Electric Vehicles, Compu件就ter Science, Electrical Engi廠務neering and Information Enginee農民ring, European Cultural Science Resea坐金rch, European Social Science Researc門新h, European Economic Science Resea錢商rch, Europe History, Financ弟相ial Mathematics, German Languag黑的e and Literature, Informatics, Inf業這ormation and Communica紅會tion Technology, Intercultura匠公l Communication, Mechanical M地公anufacturing, Mathematics, Medic書湖al Engineering, Media Communication, 相答Mass Media, Microtechnology-Mechatro跳微nics, MINT Mathematics, Computer S懂麗cience and Natural Science And its appl微場ication in technology, education, ph年間ysics, political science, 視吃prevention, rehabilitation and fitn化費ess sports, psychology,拍黑 renewable energy technology, sensor如是y and cognitive psychology, sociology師靜, sports engineering, econom影遠ic informatics, economic engineer木件ing , Economic mathematic哥頻s, economics, comprehensive lear自鐵ning therapy, affairs and exh影年ibition management, management sci家校ence, public sector ma煙美nagement, preventive management

Master's degree:

Advanced functional materials, a答黃dvanced manufacturing, applied info信愛rmatics, British and American literat村都ure, vehicle informatics, veh從老icle production and en東醫gineering, vehicle software engineering作資, vocational and economic educa那一tion, biomedical engineering, bus妹計iness intelligence and ana外長lysis, chemistry, computational sc要關ience, data science, dig用亮itization Work, Digital M農國edia and Communication Culture, Econ答影omics, Electric Vehicles, Embedded 路黃Systems, Energy and Aut服理omation Systems, Expanded Topi算地cs Primary School Education in物員 German as a Second La兵視nguage (National Examination), Eur吃上opean History, Europ去大ean Integration-Central and Eastern Eu雪關rope, Finance , Healt通費h and fitness, human地如 factors, human sports scie雪雨nce, 

informatics, human sciences and com車器puter science of human scienti紅影sts, information and communication s不謝ystems, advanced and co村家mputational mathemati也線cs (Master and Doctorate), cros妹什s-cultural German, cross-cultural c男線ommunication, customers Relationship 少吃management, primary e門國ducation (national examinatio錢腦n), lightweight manufac章暗turing, management and o小日rganizational research, m如匠echanical manufacturing, mathematics, 空唱medical engineering, media and tea吧都ching psychology, microsyste小件ms and nanosystems, microsystems and水的 microelectronics, s身快ustainable energy supply technolo但亮gy , Neural robots, digital me票相dia and communication cultu算美re, education, physics, political 作動science, prevention and rehabilit懂唱ation, prevention, rehabilitation an通銀d fitness, psychology, public heal地的th that focuses on preven銀森tion and evaluation, 計說accounting and corpor技有ate governance, renewable energy學機 technology , Pre-modern re妹討ception culture, semiotics and multi購草-modal communication, sensory綠體 and cognitive psychology, s紙北ociology focusing on social cohesion an紅是d conflict management, sports engi作紙neering, systems engineering, texti鐵那le institutions and technology, va器工lue chain management, w去還ebpage engineering , Economic enginee微就ring, lawyer economics


Production Management MBA, Affairs M訊跳arketing/On-site Interacti近不ve MBA, Comprehensive Learning雪為 Therapy, Customer Relatio了動nship Management MBA,請遠 Clinical Geriatric Psychology, Promoti北什on and Inclusive Education, Manag這都ement, General Management MBA, Preven笑匠tive Management

Why choose TU Chemnitz?


· Chemnitz University of裡通 Technology has achieved outstand吧唱ing results in the aca對錢demic field, is a me站紙mber of the MERGE Excellence C老鐘luster, a member of the業冷 Fraunhofer Institute for Applied 河水Research Promotion, a close partner答得 of the Institute of Innovative Microel生問ectronics of the Leibniz Society, Germa筆劇n Scientific Production 議土Member of Engineering S不計ociety;
· The school attaches great im店議portance to the combinati文美on of theory and practice. All professi她開onal students stipulate studen問懂t internships. Inter們民nships and thesis are usually comple場資ted in enterprises. Chemnitz匠山 University of Technology is one o科火f the highest employmen電風t rates in Germany;
· Chemnitz University of Techn購上ology has a unique campus layout書雨, and more than 80% of t花離he teaching facilities can b站微e reached within 5 minutes;
· 9 student dormitory b術懂uildings are located on the university 有船campus, all rooms are 紅司equipped with Internet int音林erface, students onl件下y need to pay an annual 頻銀fee of 25 euros, you can ac很學cess the Internet all year 懂議round;
· Compared with other 車體German cities, the cost of living i務民n Chemnitz is relatively low;
· Instructor g黃分uidance is fine. In many ma光火jors, the time taken 吃火for students to gradu劇朋ate is the shortest in Ge在司rmany.

Ranking of institutions


Chemnitz University of Tec計慢hnology is a university officially 西南certified by the Chinese Ministry 身樂of Education. For details, please refer費船 to the 64 German Uni費學versities of the Ministry of睡東 Education's Foreign Regulatory Infor南喝mation Network.




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