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Vienna University of高年 Technology and Applied Sciences光冷

Introduction to the 可舊University of Vienna University of Tech服喝nology and Applied Scien算工ces-the world famous city of V國拿ienna-the Austrian ca門得pital Vienna (German: Wien) is located爸問 in the Vienna Basin in t睡水he north foot of the Al熱雨ps in northeastern Austria, surrounded 土自by mountains on three s計媽ides, the Danube River p畫嗎asses through the city, surrou草冷nded by famous Vienna Forest. With an 商能area of ​​414.5 square kilomet票輛ers and a population of 1.76 million (就頻2013), 23% of them are non-Austri行區an foreigners, which proves that音分 Vienna is a very intern司頻ational metropolis. In ad分小dition, Vienna is the politica暗門l, economic, and cultural center o著開f Austria. The capital o他知f Austria, the Austrian Federal Parliam樂麗ent, the National Assembly坐藍, the Presidential Palace, the Prim關的e Minister’s Palace, the ministries跳工 of the national government and t她有he highest judicial institution了輛s are all gathered in this city. A子商t the same time, Vienn問要a also enjoys an important 生山international status. It is the third 服商UN city except New York and Geneva. It件睡 is also the cradle of Euro紅了pean classical music and the world's 討銀famous music capital. Vi錢路enna is one of the four officia南秒l locations of the United Na地火tions, the headquarters of t業能he Organization of Pe木鐵troleum Exporting Countries, the 東樹Organization for Security an窗就d Cooperation in Europe 多筆and the International Atomic 短開Energy Agency. Rated by the U玩冷nited Nations as the most suit黑聽able city for human habitati妹樂on. School Introduction The Vienna U媽關niversity of Technology and Appl草南ied Sciences (AKA: Vienna Technica美街l College) is the largest university o東雪f applied sciences i黑店n Austria. It has more t票生han 6,800 graduates and curre坐來ntly 3,300 students, and a tota長近l of 842 faculty and staff ( 2012), 1不科2 undergraduate majors刀日 and 17 master's degree舊北 courses. The admission to China 飛司this time provides Chinese stud工筆ents with 9 undergradu木討ate degree courses and 5 m理白aster degree courses for sele區嗎ction. The Vienna University of Te外鐵chnology and Applied Sciences was esta唱門blished in 1994 and became the first un微呢iversity of applied sc喝愛iences in Vienna in 2000. The various樂劇 bachelor's and master's河習 degree courses at the 樹錯Vienna University of Technolog家匠y and Applied Sciences are b術木ased on a solid theoretica外拿l foundation and also focus on pr請媽actical orientation. 山開They offer full-time, 外機part-time and distance educat化林ion degree programs. At the Vienna U拍制niversity of Technology and Applied Sci通錯ences, the emphasis is not only o照多n providing high-quality technical 外月education, but also on language 學藍training and focusing on the dev明空elopment of enterpri計暗ses and individuals. Close ties with th農說e business community, to prov個笑ide students and gra議年duates with good development o黑開pportunities. Vienna Univer畫西sity of Technology and Applied S器這ciences has close cooperative r劇鄉elations with many universities i但煙n the world, including China'年西s Three Gorges Unive男光rsity, other cooperat頻資ive colleges are Sofia Universi東爸ty of Technology, Ghent University秒拿 College, Berlin University of App見船lied Sciences, Loughborough習媽 University, Vigo University 為農, Linköping University, St.做站 Saratov University of Technolo請這gy, etc. The undergraduate majors o算林ffered by Vienna Univer做睡sity of Technology and Applied Sciences北舊 include: biomedical engineering,農體 electronic engineering, compute服動r science, information a大從nd communication systems, intel電草ligent transportation sys討技tems, economic informatics, mech愛相anics/robotology, sports equipment 街男technology, etc.; postgraduate ma門作jors include biology Medical engineerin工路g science, embedded system, 輛民multimedia and software還會 development, internation見光al economic engineering,東農 computer security in informatio一雨n management domain, ga暗亮me engineering and si明作mulation, industrial electronics, eco綠坐nomic informatics, eng笑司ineering environment ma坐吃nagement, etc. Profession就子al Settings| Undergraduat服視e Major Mechatronics/Robot S上友ports Equipment Technolog吧劇y Urban Renewable Energy Technology Tr生一ansportation and Environment Econo訊門mic Informatics Business In嗎美formatics Smart Home and Assi弟土stive Technology Mechatronics/亮作Robot Sports Equipment Technol知亮ogy Urban Renewable Energy 業件Technology Transportation and Enviro不習nment Economic Informatics B算樹usiness Informatics Smart Home and和快 Assistive Technology| Maste多們r's Degree Biomedical Engin草信eering (English) Embedded Control Sys什中tem Renewable Urban Energy System G國你ame Engineering and Simulati多光on Healthcare and Rehabilitation T國務echnology Industrial Elect大術ronic Engineering Information 得讀System Management (English) Information月日 Management and Computer Security Inno算動vation and Technology M近服anagement Comprehensive Urban Developm做制ent-Smart City International Econom訊快ic Engineering Mechatronics/Robot So就間ftware Development Sports Equi冷少pment Technology Techni區議cal Environmental Management 計路and Ecotoxicology Tel如多ecommunications and Netwo但唱rk Technology Biological Tissue E人弟ngineering and Regenerative Medicin廠長e (English) Economic In空用formatics Address: Dongcheng Dist南多rict, Beijing Room 717, Block A, X暗來inyi Business Building, No. 3 Xi民土nyi Homeland, Chongwenmenwai Stre子她et Contact Number: 1331123394購件4 010-57340421/67082550 (拍劇Ms. Huang) | Introduction 月舞to the Foundation Department After th
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Vienna University of Technology and A輛快pplied Sciences

City Introduction-Vienna

The world-famous city of靜鄉 Vienna, Austria (German: Wie木器n) is located in the Vienna Basin in 妹弟the north foot of the Alps in nort多黑heastern Austria. It is surround答動ed by mountains on three sides, the D朋藍anube River passes th間數rough the city, and is 我紅surrounded by the famous Vienna Forest.湖城 With an area of 414.5 squ科是are kilometers and a populat知線ion of 1.76 million (2013), 低友23% of them are non-Austrian f理行oreigners, which proves年朋 that Vienna is a very inter房友national metropolis. In additio員工n, Vienna is the poli理拍tical, economic, and cultural center of路線 Austria. The capital of A子山ustria, the Austrian Federal 秒個Parliament, the National Asse慢答mbly, the Presidential Palace,體工 the Prime Minister’s Palace, 笑制the ministries of the national gov生低ernment, and the highest jud的鄉icial institutions are all gathered i歌區n this city.


school introduction

Vienna University of Ap我紙plied Sciences (German: University of朋拿 Applied Sciences Technikum Wien) is th一懂e largest university of applied sc志這iences in Austria, with mor家船e than 6,800 graduates and cur低妹rently 3,300 students, and紙但 a total of 842 faculty members (2事校012 ), 12 undergraduate majors 嗎間and 17 master's degr區物ee courses. Provide 9 undergraduate deg電又ree courses and 5 maste書聽r degree courses for Chinese students劇動 to choose from.


The Vienna University謝中 of Technology and Applied放中 Sciences was establishe通視d in 1994 and is the first university 到鐵of applied sciences in Vien湖人na. The various bachelor's and master動睡's degree courses at the Vienna Univer兒暗sity of Technology and Applied Sci看河ences are based on a so廠西lid theoretical foundation近間 and also focus on pract家知ical orientation. 

 Vienna University of Technology睡電 and Applied Science has close coop明你eration with many universities in 章說the world, including 冷河China's Three Gorges Univers船商ity, other countries她車 are Sofia University of Tech妹樹nology, Ghent University Colleg體厭e, Berlin University of Applied Scien風弟ces, Loughborough University, Vi技件go University, Linköping務讀 University, St. Saratov University o都理f Technology, etc. The undergraduate ma裡森jors offered by Vienna Univ玩金ersity of Technology and A街老pplied Sciences include:哥森 biomedical engineering, 匠唱electronic engineering, computer s藍愛cience, information and commun做鐘ication systems, intelligent trans得話portation systems, economic inf遠商ormatics, mechanics/robotology, s店書ports equipment technology, etc.; pos理月tgraduate majors include biology Med鐘黑ical engineering science, embe遠文dded system, multimedia and softw文舊are development, international 近自economic engineering, compute身子r security in information manageme腦舊nt domain, game engineering and simu事讀lation, industrial electronics玩機, economic informatics, engineeri光新ng environment management姐哥, etc.

Professional settings



biomedical engineering

Electronic engineering

Electronic Engineering/民喝Economics


Information and Communicati煙舞on System

International Economic畫什 Engineering

Machine made

Sport線舞s equipment technology
Urban renewable ene紙都rgy technology
Trans器快portation and Environment
Economic i說哥nformatics
Business Informatics
Smart Home 木跳and Assistive Technolo雨慢gy

Master's degree


Biomedical Engineeri靜能ng (English)
Embedded control s人綠ystem
Rene站煙wable urban energy system
Game En是謝gineering and Simulation
Healthcare 也綠and rehabilitation technology
Industrial Electronic 刀筆Engineering
Information System Mana錢遠gement (English)
Information management 技也and computer security

Innovation and technology manage藍短ment

Integrated Urban Development-Sma路得rt City

International Economic Engineering
Software devel數唱opment
Sports equip業場ment technology
Technical美有 Environmental Management and Eco話道toxicology
Telecom an筆睡d Network Technology
Biological tissue engi鐘西neering and regenerative medici明木ne (English)
Economic informatics文友

Advantages of studying in Austria


Austria has a long history of educati北腦on, and public univers也就ities are basically free of tu嗎校ition fees

The gold content of the deg長黑ree and academic bac刀匠kground is high: Austria's per c影哥apita GDP has been ranked in the t女厭op ten in the world, relying on tra通還ditional technological and e票師ducational strength. Austr火拿ia has had 16 Nobel Pri金爸ze winners.

Low cost and high standard of stud人謝y and living:

Austria has a high standar服歌d of living and low cost of living秒都. In addition, the Austrian go購南vernment allows univers新姐ity students to work, and the cost of l體訊iving can be solved by working. I和現n this way, many excell書話ent students who cannot煙務 afford the high cost of study子小ing abroad in the United Kin和舞gdom and the United Sta問區tes can enjoy the same high-quality ed女錯ucation without increasing the fi去我nancial burden of the family我見 and the pressure of studying abroad.

The employment prospects銀制 are bright and the developmen地南t space is broad:

The good and stable 秒線political, economic, and cultural re你也lations between China and Austri林西a have made Austrian companie金遠s full of confidence我暗 in investing in China. In recent year物著s, numerous Austrian companies have 我暗flooded into China. The mo筆關st troublesome thing 制物for them is that they do not understand用你 the Chinese culture and lack 司船the corresponding talents. I相姐n addition, because 冷內they belong to the German-外用speaking countries, Ger海歌man-funded enterprises 舊化are another choice for g笑分raduates.

Admission conditions舞術 are relaxed, and there is little 綠票time to get a degree:

According to the academic st錯火ructure of Austria, the unde光白rgraduate degree is comple訊看ted in 3 years and t術道he graduate degree is completed i離美n 2 years, that is, a master's degree c的醫an be obtained in 5 year白城s, and doctoral study can be們喝 applied.

The amount of capital guarantee i這外s small, and the success rate of 章南re-visa is high:

Austria implements return visas短紙, and the visa rate is high冷間er.

Elegant natural environment and saf女愛e social environment間電:

Austria is a famous tou低秒rist destination in the w農了orld. The unique natural e年風nvironment also prov山唱ides a natural place for stude有從nts to study. In addi能林tion, the cultivation of music 物體and nature is also a good way to all慢一eviate the learning pressur相畫e of students. At the same t妹車ime, Austria is one of the 都低safest countries in the world. C木新ompared with countries with the sam去空e expense level every year, there are 個醫no social phenomena 自愛such as high crime rate and corr煙司uption xenophobia, and international森妹 students will not be indirec用舊tly harmed by the lo書術cal social environment.

Traditional Schengen country, conveni問低ent for dealing with other European c城店ountries:

Austria is located in the cent章但er of Europe and is also a Schen和體gen Allies. Therefore車姐, in addition to studying, t雪公ravel to all parts of Europe i業還s unimpeded. Generall商藍y travel to these coun去從tries, visa-free stay 90 days. In 舞快a sense, to Austria, it讀上 is basically equivalent to th市鐘e whole of Europe.

Very high level of educ行生ation:

In many disciplines, such as ma問化chinery manufacturing,又內 chemical industry, electronic年些s, diesel engines, metallurgy, paper理放making, railway transpor銀相tation and tunneling, environ通費mental protection, aerial ro紅飛peway, forestry and wood processing,體票 hydropower, waste treatment and reso答民urce recycling, medicine, autom開綠ation In terms of control, economics an來要d enterprise economic management,笑高 Austria is at the world's leadin男資g level, and music and painting art ar森外e well-known.

Excellent immigration opportunities老子:

Beginning in 2011, the gover煙綠nment revised the immigration la身很w to provide college graduates w就黑ith good opportunities for employment a外鄉nd immigration.


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