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Dresden University of Applied S時市ciences

The Dresden University of Appl文去ied Sciences (Fachhochschule短外 Dresden for short: FHD) was establishe可嗎d in 2010. The university is locat商錯ed in Dresden, the capital of the Free 裡白State of Saxony, Germany煙去, known as "European Sil員吧icon Valley" and "European 雨雨Garden". A new type o近線f private university that f靜秒ocuses on teaching, focusing on筆男 practice, and focusing on scientific r湖雨esearch. At the same time, FHD is a慢票lso a university recognized by the Germ習在an government. The un金湖iversity currently has more than 600 了火students. FHD follows the German hig要小her education traditio議微n, the professional se業煙tting closely follows the 生校market demand, the pr離筆ofessional theory is謝去 closely connected with the 子懂latest scientific research achievemen票看ts, the teaching work focuses on person通弟alized training, small class teaching,行拍 excellent teacher-student 些照ratio (1:45) and excellent stu路男dents Graduation rate (94%熱讀) is famous. At the same讀離 time, in order to ensure and improve 票訊the quality of teaching 到近and scientific researc些年h, FHD University has spec器理ially set up a quality management sy草畫stem and a teaching and scienti行都fic research system, creati線筆ng favorable conditions for the de唱謝velopment of the strat媽資egic structure of students an畫購d schools.
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Dresden University of Applied Sciences

school introduction

The Dresden University of Applie快務d Sciences (Fachhochschule Dr報用esden for short: FHD) was e看開stablished in 2010. The unive機紅rsity is located in Dres山亮den, the capital of 化銀the Free State of Saxony, Ge年學rmany, known as "European Si白湖licon Valley" and "European Garden". 請靜A new type of private university that錢會 focuses on teaching, focusing on pract美了ice, and focusing on scient媽間ific research. At the same time, F木腦HD is also a university recogniz中來ed by the German govern明體ment.

The university currently has m雨影ore than 600 students. FHD foll站可ows the German higher education tra美匠dition, the professional看秒 setting closely follows the mar林能ket demand, the professional 些窗theory is closely connected wi訊一th the latest scientific research ach動道ievements, the teaching wo鄉靜rk focuses on personalized training,請麗 small class teaching, e呢區xcellent teacher-student ratio但媽 (1:45) and excellent students Gra懂開duation rate (94%) is famou黑著s. At the same time, in order to e說知nsure and improve the q的船uality of teaching and路人 scientific research, FHD坐一 University has speciall見我y set up a quality manag玩店ement system and a teaching and scienti北又fic research system, 暗也creating favorable co友金nditions for the development of the st和樹rategic structure of stude一請nts and schools.

Dresden University of 美短Technology (one of Ger數畫many's "Tu9 Union" and "Elite Uni的厭versity" universities), as a brother co內聽llege in the same city, ha務體s very close cooperation with 樂國FHD. Prof. Dr. Thomas Köhle國場r, Director of the Media Center 水但of Dresden University 關通of Technology and the le分在ader of the "Education Methodology" and弟化 Prof. Dr. Joachim Kug門花ler (FHD Nursing and Health要慢 Management) The leader) 討下co-chairs the FHD board. During their 子間tenure, they introduced high-quality分熱 social and teaching resources f下喝rom Dresden University of Tech喝見nology to FHD, so as t慢相o achieve resource sharing and complem自亮entary advantages of the two女站 universities, greatl子來y enhancing FHD's discipline, p學花rofessional construction and sc醫票ientific research streng議農th.


Currently, FHD maintains c物體ooperative relations with more than 80 店樂universities and institutions i樹人n the world. Dresden U紙做niversity of Applied Sciences, Dresden 秒拍University of Technolo北多gy and the Fraunhofer Institute (one要弟 of Germany’s four well-known scientifi章務c institutes) collaborated on th黃著e theme of "Applicati她算on of Educational Informatizatio鄉如n in Vocational Education" Carrying o刀話ut a research project, this resear來麗ch project received a total of 2.3 mi腦河llion euros from the federal gov內妹ernment; Dresden Univer很照sity of Applied Sciences, Dresden他問 University of Technology可冷 and Leibniz Polymer Institute (one 她訊of Germany’s four wel說雪l-known scientific institutes)明中 In collaboration wit秒對h the Dresden Material Research音可 Association, a research project o人生n the theme of "R&D a白見nd application of virt上藍ual space materials" was launched.能筆 This research project received a total如暗 of 2.5 million euros司藍 from the federal government. In Chi照藍na, FHD has carried out a numb件聽er of inter-school joint tr數報aining, credit exchange, teacher t秒草raining and further education pro理來jects with domestic universi城到ties such as Hebei University, China 鐘就Jiliang University, and Shanghai Secon見村d Polytechnic University.

FHD is recognized by the wo都笑rld for the quality of its gra又制duates due to its ou校舞tstanding academic strength and div長子erse practical training好遠 ability. Every year, students from d金機ifferent countries of the wo弟舊rld come here to stu但生dy, and graduates have both in年又 Saxony and Germany Wit鐵兵h promising career opportunities. Alth商技ough the school was established shortly算器, its excellent teaching歌低 quality and unique campus cultur呢光e have made the school gradua哥嗎tes have a place in the worl和也d's top 500 companies, including Go訊白ogle, Airbus, Mercedes, 舞紙Ferrari and other companies. For an in樹唱stitution of higher learning with le愛靜ss than 20 years of history, such achi東答evements have been quite 弟家noticeable.

Introduction to Nursing 頻姐and Health Management

In the 2020 government work report, i飛光t is proposed in the sectio弟亮n of “Encouraging and 多友Improving People’s Livelihood and 草上Promoting the Reform a白計nd Development of Soci舊知al Undertakings” to promote the equitab男身le development and quality improvem務很ent of education and the constru動新ction of first-class universities and 店員first-class disciplines. As an畫一 emerging health service and 銀人management model, health mana金這gement is generally valued in vario對暗us countries around the world, and ca村報n be used as an important mea個跳sure for my country to 妹話cope with the aging pop農雪ulation and high incidenc章離e of chronic disease公子s. The report of the Ninete些筆enth National Congre校我ss of the Communist Party劇東 of China included the im見吧plementation of the Healthy China Strat相街egy into the basic strategy刀司 of national development, placed p要章eople’s health in the position of “an河樹 important symbol of nation事我al prosperity and national prosperity”,現知 and demanded that “provide a full r朋低ange of full-cycle h上近ealth services for t弟湖he people "This shows that the con下厭struction of Healthy China h答東as entered the stage of full imple信問mentation.


In China, health manage為聽ment is a new concept. It has on場拿ly gradually appeared in the 舊劇public's field of vision in recent y做土ears. In western developed c分票ountries, health managem用廠ent has already entered people's dai自師ly life, and hundred老子s of millions of people benefit from i村女t every year, improving the quality 內見of life and extending L暗能ife cycle. German health m的理anagement has long been我遠 at the forefront of the world, and t些上here are many experience的很s and practices worth learning from. A河開s early as 100 years ago, the舊快 rudiment of health mana器男gement appeared in Germany, an業見d now the education syste火鐘m of health manageme就訊nt is regulated by legislation.


The FHD nursing and 分雨health management major has been const弟照antly progressing with the developmen電窗t of science and technology. The uni報哥versity actively explores, from th跳爸eoretical research to p兒事ractical application, making full us長草e of the power of science and t報歌echnology to develop various effec但刀tive nursing and health managem這都ent tools to achieve nursing an習通d health. The ultimate g湖醫oal of management. In terms of i黃藍nternational exchanges and coop喝視eration, FHD has exhibited aca件路demic cooperation in nursi場筆ng and health management with the 動下University of Edinburgh L說到ambia, Wroclaw University of Techn拍多ology and Pilsen Universit謝筆y of Western Bohemia. A他費bundant market demand玩還 and diversified professional 木裡health service fields are facing a hu嗎議ge gap in professional talents. The玩睡 state calls for and encourages 知算a comprehensive health s商廠ervice system and multi-level professi動鄉onal health service personnel tr通大aining, all of which are he明外alth service and managemen樹秒t graduates. Employment has broa人器dened the road and provided op錢森portunities. Health management is s對朋till an emerging undertakin動算g in my country. Both們著 in theory and in practice, we 又如need to learn and learn from t章哥he international com務女munity. The advanced concept of 女吧German health management is more in 醫暗line with the national con路相ditions of China actively explor議懂ing the road of health management, ac長科celerating the integration of traditio票輛nal medicine and modern medici美愛ne, complementing each other's advant嗎光ages, giving full play to the advanta分日ges of traditional medicine in the pr工玩evention and treatment of diseases可信, and fully mobilizing the enthusiasm o吃報f social forces To increase 唱話the supply of health products雨討 and services.

Duration of study: 3 years (6上小 semesters)

Learning content: so個空cial policy, interdisciplinary b務民asic courses, organization and pro女畫ject management, medical foundation, c習愛ommunication/consulting, n樂器ursing and sanitation, medical foun吃刀dation I-II, public health, pr家大evention and promotion靜拿 of health, etc.

Training objective: Students should u著器ndertake the advanced management s歌照kills required in medical c姐銀are to meet the functions a月學nd requirements in practice. Wit腦又h the help of the course, stu門西dents have the abilit些場y to perform management tas店匠ks and acquire their own uniqu行離e skills. By maintaining a high degre門工e of organization and responsibility, 業用health care profession身農als work closely with oth還村er professional groups to perform and都書 complete relevant tasks線是. After studying, students will 體熱acquire the necessary medica相少l, economic, legal, communication, adm冷算inistrative and social managem呢些ent skills and other basic scientif行科ic skills.

Degree conferred: Bachelor of 醫術Arts Ø Employment direction: 唱這management of medical institut有靜ions, management of inpa關算tient clinics, managemen書快t of rehabilitation med姐司ical institutions, nursing homes, and 低雪community health institutions司森.

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