Cooperation In Running Schools


Cooperation In Running 村微Schools

Sino-foreign cooperative education pr土的oject

"Sino-foreign cooperativ輛得e education project" means tha有暗t the Chinese-foreign cooperati日吃ve education scholars do no黃她t set up a special education房西al institution, but direct讀船ly cooperate in a certain su場土bject or a major of a熱慢 certain university.
For example: "Chongqing University of 報區Science and Technolog門科y and Korea Academy of 對爸Science and Technology jointly照兒 organized undergraduate 月年and postgraduate cooperation pro場湖jects", "Fudan University and the 窗男second university of Li事火lle in France jointly organized an unde腦車rgraduate education program in manag船個ement science", "East 也視China University of Technology and Lu B謝自aker University of App說人lied Sciences co-organizes undergra們你duate education programs in 討雪electrical engineering and au離讀tomation, and "undergraduate education 樹睡programs in cooperation bet化空ween Chongqing Jiaoto紅開ng University and the University o醫志f Senbia". These are in the form 視但of "Chinese-foreign coop森村erative education programs".

Sino-foreign cooperative e刀拍ducation

Chinese-foreign cooperatively-ru算廠n schools refer to the coope子海ration between Chines美內e educational institutions and foreign雨懂 educational institutions in or年光ganizing education and teach喝弟ing activities within the ter上去ritory of China that ma生在inly target Chinese cit亮務izens. From the perspective of the for我坐m of running a school, th唱慢ere are two forms of Sino-foreign coo火著peratively-run school: "Chinese-for校章eign cooperatively-run school" and "Chi理校nese-foreign cooperatively-run sc一離hool project (professional)"

Chinese-foreign cooperativ好舊ely-run school

"Sino-foreign cooperatively-run sc錢頻hool" refers to an ed知朋ucational institution that is approved的我 by the Ministry of Education們煙 and cooperates with Chin能劇ese colleges and univer說紅sities within China to host Chinese畫家 citizens.

Such as Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool Uni南飛versity, Ningbo Universi美務ty of Nottingham, Kunshan Duk見問e University, Shanghai Jiao T微國ong University, Jiao Tong讀明 University Michigan Joint Co放我llege, Shanghai Univer的廠sity Sydney Business School, Nor農熱th University Moscow University, South些明west University West Tower C信了ollege (Southwest University and Univer窗分sity of Tasmania, Austr劇場alia (Jointly organized)多村 etc. These are in the form of "Ch身離inese-foreign cooperativ鐘道ely-run schools".

Sino-foreign cooperativ歌近e education project

"Sino-foreign cooperative education pr妹藍oject" means that the Chinese-forei老校gn cooperative educa如他tion scholars do not set u很站p a special educational insti見民tution, but directly coope場遠rate in a certain subjec輛習t or a major of a certain university.
For example: "Chongqing Un日木iversity of Science and Tec森錢hnology and Korea Academy of S少暗cience and Technology jointly orga個睡nized undergraduate and postgradu女水ate cooperation proj老器ects", "Fudan University and the secon讀門d university of Lille in France報他 jointly organized an嗎們 undergraduate education progra離友m in management science", "East遠開 China University of Technology and Lu校笑 Baker University of Appl現高ied Sciences co-organizes under的從graduate education program自鐵s in electrical enginee爸這ring and automation,城那 and "undergraduate education progr就少ams in cooperation between Ch海請ongqing Jiaotong Univer體東sity and the University of Senbia". Th北分ese are in the form of "Chinese-forei業會gn cooperative education programs國文".

Sino-foreign cooperative education身舊

Chinese-foreign cooperativ兵藍ely-run schools refer to兵子 the cooperation between Chinese educa路農tional institutions and foreig舊科n educational institutions in organ女我izing education and teaching 朋光activities within the村吃 territory of China that mainly t但影arget Chinese citizens. From 弟老the perspective of the form o物服f running a school, there are two for習用ms of Sino-foreign coo他去peratively-run school: "Chinese-forei門年gn cooperatively-run sc身算hool" and "Chinese-foreign co器行operatively-run school pr是舞oject (professional)"

Chinese-foreign cooperativ分生ely-run school

"Sino-foreign cooperatively-r黃靜un school" refers to 腦光an educational instit區朋ution that is approved by 街件the Ministry of Education an木姐d cooperates with Chin房冷ese colleges and universities within C討村hina to host Chinese citizens.看物

Such as Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverp車校ool University, Ningbo Univers事作ity of Nottingham, Kunshan Duke Univer暗明sity, Shanghai Jiao Tong Univers姐票ity, Jiao Tong University Michiga市上n Joint College, Shanghai Universit師還y Sydney Business School, North Univer愛高sity Moscow University, Southwest U國關niversity West Tower College (Sou員就thwest University and University o得章f Tasmania, Australia (Jointly or村在ganized) etc. These are in t老嗎he form of "Chinese-foreign coo理章peratively-run schools".

Compared with studying abro件煙ad, Chinese-foreign cooperative educ都鄉ation programs have the follo你校wing characteristics


Study abroad

Sino-foreign cooperativ可開e education can allow some c會謝andidates to study abroad in多為 China, because Sino-foreig校有n cooperative education intr大河oduces overseas educational微光 resources and carries out teaching 笑服activities so that students can r那快eceive overseas educat可場ion without going abroad.


Cheaper than studying abroad

Although the fees for Sino-forei雪美gn cooperative education are highe一慢r than those for ordinary 女兵universities, they are much lower tha視一n those for studying abroad. Sino-分這foreign cooperatively-r輛紅un schools open up the "no study abro用都ad" way,


Educational characteristics are ob書北vious

Planted undergrowth ginseng w影子ith the same effect as wil雜物d ginseng, and achieved large-是金scale supply, the effect見上 of traditional wild gins什錢eng was perfectly provided to consumer討電s.


Teachers are strong

All colleges and univ的頻ersities that run Chinese-fo理得reign cooperatively-r分舊un schools have strong teac年謝hers, because it is necessary to e坐著nsure the quality of te器姐aching.


Significant advantages劇商 in studying abroad

If you plan to go abroad in the futu妹行re, Sino-foreign cooperation門技 in running schools will provide a gre村對at advantage for studying abroad as 村章a transitional stage. In partic家空ular, it is relatively easy to app笑新ly for a corresponding master’s de畫文gree from a foreign university.


Admission score

According to the analysis of the鐵睡 admissions of most Chin內近ese-foreign cooperati身請vely-run schools in the past, due湖藍 to the relatively high tuition fees,山農 many Chinese-foreign cooperat音黃ively-run schools have slight開術ly lower admission scores than other城女 majors. For example, the firs兒大t batch of admissions for the fi城窗rst batch of science undergraduat刀遠es of Chongqing Univ慢業ersity of Technology in頻年 2016 was 532 points, whi個能le the minimum score for Sino森的-foreign cooperative 湖是education was only 526 points.


Students have a high level of fo離坐reign language

Sino-foreign cooperati也費on generally attaches impor電很tance to strengthening students'河器 language quality and oral t木爸raining, and generally requires stud明讀ents to have language skills. Some co說數urses use the original textbooks 務小of foreign partner universities and 電樹are equipped with foreign teac離器hers. Bilingual teachi輛得ng will greatly improve s是家tudents' foreign langu兵刀age level.


Obvious employment advantage

Students who graduated fro化放m a Chinese-foreign cooperativ視中ely-run school have obvious advantages 日這in employment, because whether 的南it is language ability or pr司道ofessional learning, due to the int冷通roduction of high-quality內費 foreign university resou體媽rces, the overall level綠也 of graduates’ ability 算話is stronger than other undergr車一aduates. Employers appreciate 做北this type of graduates. .

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