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Trier University of 錢家Applied Sciences

The University of Ap算說plied Sciences (FH) 相煙has undergraduate and master course道舊s. Just like the comprehensive univers技相ity (Uni), the graduates are graduat綠大ed with undergraduate and mast員相er degrees. Its core characteri到刀stics are the practical 頻資application of teachi計習ng and the emphasis on training 件冷students to solve practical p行人roblems. In terms of fac化不ulty, in addition to hiring doctors姐山 who pass the profes地道sor qualification exam, the school理謝 will also hire some cutting-edge 花匠practitioners in various fi黃農elds as part-time professors or part低工-time lecturers, whic工弟h establishes a direct li場門nk between the school and society and 煙西provides students wit能明h Considerable internships and empl空多oyment opportunities. According to sta河票tistics, 2/3 of engineers and 1/2 of民自 industrial economis秒弟ts (including 2/3 of engineers of Vo身兵lkswagen Group and 3/4 of engin微不eers of Siemens) all g件體raduated from the University of 醫船Applied Sciences.
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Trier University of Applied Sci師道ences

Introduction to German Universities

There are 16 federal states in Germa鄉煙ny with 397 colleges and univ但懂ersities, and the total 和城number of registered student鐵書s is about 2.8 million. Among them, 購學there are 115 comprehensive u東河niversities, 217 universities of app愛又lied sciences, and 57 art and mus吃店ic colleges. There ar匠遠e more than 19,000 m議司ajors in various colleges and univ對森ersities.

The University of Applied你光 Sciences (FH) has undergraduate窗離 and master courses. Just like the通著 comprehensive university (Uni), the gr腦黑aduates are graduated with u西聽ndergraduate and maste會就r degrees. 


Its core characteristics 多醫are the practical applica體請tion of teaching and the光笑 emphasis on training students t開匠o solve practical problems. I唱友n terms of faculty, in additi黃火on to hiring doctors who費文 pass the professor quali房科fication exam, the school will also hir少睡e some cutting-edge prac店光titioners in various科友 fields as part-time professors or 醫但part-time lecturers, wh笑能ich establishes a direct技飛 link between the school and s見錢ociety and provides studen鐘歌ts with Considerable inter海冷nships and employment opport年放unities. According to statistics, 2/暗作3 of engineers and 1/2 of indu他答strial economists (inc作刀luding 2/3 of engineers of V來坐olkswagen Group and 3/4 of eng間費ineers of Siemens) all g算明raduated from the Univer鐘議sity of Applied Sciences.

Trier University of Applied Scienc厭些es is located in Trier, Leipach, 事慢Germany-Marx's hometown. It is a natio用謝nal university with more than 8煙鐵,000 students and 160 professors. Its p一道redecessor can be traced back to得輛 the architectural sc見錯hool and industrial ar章區t school in 1830. After the devasta事北tion and baptism of th頻在e World War, the school 器火was named "Rhine Pfalz Univ問懂ersity of Applied Technolo靜輛gy" from 1971 to 1996, and was 雨歌officially renamed "Trie子動r University of Applied S黃間ciences" on September 1, 1匠看996. Three campuses for Trier, Be船農ckenfield and Idar-Oberstein.

Trier University of Applied Scie月光nces has a long history, making it hav愛輛e outstanding teaching quality in ma間有ny majors, such as architec湖藍ture, machinery, electronics, de得制sign, etc., which are amon我做g the world's leading. It is a裡音lso a member of the European Associat著裡ion of Universities (EUA), th街討e largest university of applied sci公女ences in Leifa and one of the 木物best universities of applied science科購 in Germany. At present, the sc很亮hool maintains coope體影rative relations with 靜議more than 140 universities and in雜歌stitutions in the world. 術什The quality of students has been 如得recognized by the world. Eve購鐘ry year, students from 去術different countries of th做到e world come here to study. Gradu多下ates no matter in Lefah and歌玩 Germany Within the scope光們, there are promising job op門通portunities.

In the 2018 International Green En人票ergy Website UI Green Metric World U離民niversity Rankings, the School頻雜 of Energy and Environmental Protecti又書on (Birkenfield Campus) of T讀喝rier University of Applied 算下Sciences ranked first in Germany!

The ranking of UI Green M下南etric World University is different 答體from the current authorit門自ative rankings of several world懂下 universities. UI GreenMetric is sele快森cted based on the ac科海hievements of each university i光好n the world in the sustainabl農理e development of green programs.


About Leifa

The Rhineland-Palati時區nate region [Leifa for short] 山鄉is located in western Ge關吧rmany, bordering Belgium and Luxemb舞來ourg in the west and bordering美聽 France in the south. The state has Tri民店er University of Applied匠下 Sciences, Kaiserslautern Universi資服ty of Technology, Main科湖z University, Trier Universit做費y and many other universities and r村店esearch institutions.

Leifa is one of the five 船又regions with the highest prop謝金ortion of high-paid and cutting-edge te友看chnology industry employees in t分子he EU. These cutting-edg照腦e technology industries include: in北藍telligent office equipment聽刀, data processing equipme術開nt, radio and television te公男chnology, information and communica關信tion technology, and睡和 biological and genetic technology文視. The second largest industry in the 自技state is trade, hotel catering 件友and transportation. Th熱爸e state’s well-establi森匠shed infrastructure, well-developed tra我短nsportation network, wa離離terways, land routes, and all-round a爸樂irport facilities provide an 員日essential prerequisite 物書for Leipzig to become one of了腦 Germany’s most dynamic r呢風egions today.


Recommended undergraduate majors

Trier Campus


College of Engineering and Technology:懂讀

Electric vehicle engineerin地我g

Internet of Things-Digital Automation

Exercise and rehabilit房件ation technology

Mechanical Engineering (Mechanical M中水anufacturing/Vehicle Enginee房友ring)

Electrical engineering

medical technology

Safety Engineering

Economic engineering (mechanic師拍al manufacturing/ele金術ctrical engineering/veh子男icle engineering/engi音年neering safety)

IT Academy:

computer science

Digital media and game女可s (direction)

Security and mobile syst和票ems (direction)


Speech therapy

Artificial therapy

Physical Therapy-Tech爸車nology and Therapy

School of Modeling and購花 Design:


Interior design

Cross-media design

Fashion Design

Visual communication design

School of Economics and Manag國雜ement:

International Business Manageme花術nt

Economic informatics

Business management

civil engineering College:

civil Engineering  

Construction equipment服但 technology and power supply engineer雨外ing

Energy equipment technology-renewable 日我energy and efficient ene雜從rgy systems

School of Food Engineering:好訊

Food Engineering

Beaconfield Campus


School of Energy and年拍 Environmental Protection:

Applied Computer Scien美懂ce

Machine made  

Biological, Environmental and Proc木文ess Engineering

Physical engineering

Media informatics

Economic Engineering/Environmental P如下lanning

Biotechnology and Ph船笑armaceutical Technology

Environmental and Economic Info做人rmatics

Renewable Energy

Environment and Enterprise Mana去黃gement

Economic and Environmental La紙又w

Product Engineering

Sustainable resource man爸和agement

Idar-Oberstein Campus


Gem and Jewelry Design Institute:房作 Gem and Jewelry Des身吃ign

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