• 2023年12月,APS針對國内學生申請德國大(dà)學再添新規

    ▶ 2023年12月,APS針對國内學生申請德國大(dà)學再添新短些規2023-12-20


  • 審核部閉館通(tōng)知
  • The two students passed the second review and successfully obtained their visas! ! !

    ▶ The two students passed th火嗎e second review and successfully obtain校少ed their visas! ! !2023-04-13

    Let me share the application妹答 process of two unde窗匠rgraduate students. Bo動媽th students Z and W ar市照e undergraduates at a 了老language university in Bei去快jing, majoring in German. When 醫吃they were first intr著電oduced, the two students wer錢嗎e in their senior year, and 內家they had already finished the fir不內st APS trial, but they both f行短ailed. Another important problem fo飛微r the two students is that neither ha河朋s a German certificate. Therefore, 兵機we quickly formulated a錯對n APS training plan, u下理niversity application and visa 好和delivery plan for the students acc師內ording to the studen科那ts' situation. At the 喝什same time, we also searched for some 拍山relevant universities according街人 to the students' undergraduate maj慢來ors to facilitate subseque還森nt application. The first ti為月me we met the students 線秒was at the beginning of November 2他問022. During the meetin雜現g, we gave the students a simple t個風est to understand the stude河小nts' language situation, and starte海爸d the APS interview t錯們raining twice a week. Eve快為rything is going on in an or是機derly manner. Each training will test t我爸he mastery of the students現友' professional knowledge an電如d German language expression. According去頻 to the school applica國師tion plan, we will comm懂低unicate with the students for th商服e second APS interview in e離坐arly January. According to t去書he epidemic policy of the audit得快 department at that time,通草 we sent an email to the audit 業對department to communicat上麗e and make an appointment for an 報電interview, and the audit department個樹 responded quickly. Because of 唱煙the impact of the epid用海emic, due to the large numb飛草er of people in the queue in the firs麗見t week of January, we could only join t城高he standby list. Interviews for the飛白 last two students are scheduled fo很一r January 5 and January 12. 亮看The application deadline for t草你he summer semester is Janu答熱ary 15. If the two students pass the A來哥PS review, they will have one wee動內k to apply for the scho區購ol. If they fail to pass, they will l電你ose their admission 家裡qualifications for the 舞拍summer semester and wait for anothe船訊r half a year. The two students also 坐這cooperated closely duri在少ng the whole APS training peri看煙od and completed every re在但quired task. Finally, the two 廠兵students successfully passed the APS 司遠interview and got the APS 離山individual examination c城店ertificate. Next, there is only 內地one week before the 時湖school application, 嗎白because the arrangements 紙老have been made in advance, and all內購 the preparations for姐風 the school application have bee裡歌n completed. Through the previo農湖us contact with the university, 鐵從the students have also obta朋事ined the German language-free certi技長ficate, and finally at 門來the school application deadli男文ne The school application wo微媽rk of two students has been completed 跳答before. At the beginning of要短 February, I received good物窗 news from two universities. Tw樂時o students got two ad友子missions from the Unive票在rsity of Applied Sciences Munich an街員d the University of Göttingen. 男師Universities usually start at 嗎廠the beginning of April 老訊in the summer semester. Affect新算ed by the epidemic, the 近雪embassy usually takes about a month 物一to make an appointmen紙線t for signing. After we got 學遠the admission, we started to make 銀熱an appointment for the students樹紙. The two students belo靜快nged to the B list , which m體風eans longer wait times. The la讀空st two students made appointments on 也靜March 9th and March 13th respective知人ly. The processing ti兒你me for German visas will take at leas視線t 4 weeks, but according to the admiss化空ion letter registration deadline of t校說he University of Göttinge兒熱n is March 31st, this For the 了文time for students to s師嗎ubmit visas, the audit department 服是refused to accept the mater微上ials within four weeks, so we 校但contacted the university to com件銀municate and delay the registrati金體on, and the university agreed to postp河白one the registration time of student舞船s to April 11. Another problem came aga麗雨in, because the signing time 玩子after four weeks is ver是輛y close to the registration近技 time, so the embassy may require the是資 student to provide a 南遠registration certificate, but once t人秒he student is registered, it will 算美be very troublesome to 藍信go to Germany. We coul樂動d only quickly write an e聽議mail to the embassy to inquire a畫務bout the status of the vi地愛sa after the four-week sile數動nce period. Fortunately, f謝子our weeks later, that is, in分她 early April, both studen多我ts received the visa smoothly. It ha作兒s been 5 and a half months s鐵文ince today, and the two student聽見s have already bought air tickets an站還d are about to embark on a journey用時 to study in Germany. I wish yo微舊u a smooth stay in Germany!!!


  • From today, Chinese travelers entering Germany no longer need to undergo mandatory nucleic acid  testing
  • The latest news! Germany will reopen tourist visas for Chinese citizens from May 1
  • German Chancellor Scholz's first visit to China is more than symbolic

    ▶ German Chancellor Scholz's first vis議這it to China is more than symbo的筆lic2022-11-10

      German Chancellor Sc河遠holz arrived in Beijing 站現on November 4 for an official visit 謝坐to China. That morning, Chinese Pre窗放sident Xi Jinping met with him 花著at the Great Hall of the People and h電我eld a banquet at the Gol身哥den Hall. In the afternoon, Chinese Pre理湖mier Li Keqiang held talks with錢男 Scholz. The whole itinerary of Schol看在z's visit to China was compa輛制ct and efficient, and嗎樹 the communication atmosphere b近內etween the host and guests w件工as friendly, frank and pragmatic志劇. Although this visit was not long, it笑線 was of great signifi相街cance.         This is Sch國讀olz's first visit to Chi也學na since he took office, an火靜d he is also the first European le不亮ader to visit China after the 20th Nat司師ional Congress of the Communist Par能新ty of China. This visit means that鐵習 China-Germany and China-EU high-le光花vel mutual visits ha說妹ve pressed the "resta劇舞rt button", which will no購去t only promote Sino-German r飛服elations to increase tr道山ust, dispel doubts, and校場 deepen cooperation, but also help t花黃o continue to play a "st化很abilizing anchor for Sino業紅-German relations an市村d Sino-European relations in店愛 the turbulent interna校房tional situation." "effect.   I通照n the content of the intervi拍些ews between the leader明拿s of the two countries, we can 樂離clearly see that the two sides expr路遠essed many common views, 城紙such as emphasizing 哥快increasing understanding and mutual多南 trust, adhering to economic g我人lobalization, promoting pragm暗場atic cooperation, insisting on dialo章火gue and consultation, opposing 妹錯camp confrontation, and Strengthen co請玩ordination and cooperation in 站相international affairs, e火林tc. Scholz again made 我費clear his opposition to "decoupling"煙從. China and Germany are two forces with用日 important influence on 讀拍the Eurasian continent. These c得鄉onsensuses not only conform to the 金秒fundamental interests of both 光們sides, but are also of great signific線子ance to the global econ少民omy, security and stability.   木花      It is worth mentioni理一ng that President Xi Jinping and Prime生暗 Minister Scholz also exchanged 見對views on the Ukraine動草 crisis and issued a prop事計osal: the international commu司媽nity should jointly s河請upport all efforts to peacefully 技窗resolve the Ukraine 為制crisis, jointly oppose the use or t姐購hreat of use of nuclear weap行空ons, and make joint efforts. To e飛外nsure the stability of the靜們 global industrial chain信報 and supply chain, jointly bail o們錯ut civilians in crisis areas fo藍東r the winter, and improve 化章the humanitarian situation. These "four湖關 commons" are not only in畫道 line with China's consi刀用stent position, but also the general as飛自piration of China, Ge科家rmany and even the interna來嗎tional community. They refle厭間ct the sincerity and都輛 responsibility of promoting自訊 the ease and resolu內匠tion of the Ukrainian c朋車risis as soon as possible.   All 票女these show that China and Germany ar森友e not only highly complemen又喝tary economically and have a文時 broad space for cooperation, but also 可但have a lot of common lan線愛guage in their views on th窗輛e trend of the times and th場弟e international situatio短火n. Consensus far outweighs differe小請nces, and cooperation far out工師weighs competition. B時行oth sides are partners r民小ather than rivals, and both 鐘著benefit from each other's development 科老and pragmatic cooperati南如on. This is a practical s購微ummary of China-Germany, China-EU東門 relations, and even China'他那s relations with most countries劇輛 in the world. It is on this姐刀 solid and broad foundatio廠內n that China's diplomacy stands openly 道我and openly.   We have also notice子話d that Scholz's visit to China this道到 time has become a key target 年數of some forces. Who in th自事e end does not welcome, d能請oes not want, or even o歌村pposes Scholz's visit to China? Most機這 ordinary people in China, German靜的y and Europe welcome it, because自什 the practical cooperat可匠ion between the two co校老untries has brought ben妹還efits to them; of course, the b店筆usiness community is more welcom的讀e, which goes without s她科aying. The people who cr音謝eate the topic and put pressu厭雪re on Scholz are mainly ideolog厭小ical jugglers, or old-s知身chool European elites who can’t extr煙低icate themselves in a presumed視都 sense of superiority, and geopol雪放itical operators in Washington.   醫唱       In fact, the exchange 快從of high-level visits between China and現費 Germany and China and E門術urope is returning to nor頻道mal. Former German Chan技年cellor Angela Merkel visited 亮紙China 12 times during her t兵呢enure. The special backgrou河畫nd of the times and t友妹he complex international environment ma男一ke Scholz's visit to China "special票暗", which also reflects t服路he unhealthy tendency of快吃 Europe's political ecology報妹 and mentality towar亮湖ds China, and has formed a moral attitu睡間de towards European diploma行來cy. kidnapping. This is what German師學y and Europe need to work har跳弟d to get rid of. As Scho動友lz said in an article bef現中ore his visit to China,你愛 "It is precisely because Germany exp廠地erienced the bitter cost of division d問廠uring the Cold War tha做吧t we do not want to see a different cam術行p in the world again."   China always 用個regards Europe as a comprehensive str空司ategic partner, supports the E資站U's strategic independence, and hope購明s that Europe will be stable and 鐘海prosperous. This position is highly 有光stable and consistent. Grasp 短雨the general direction of bilateral遠生 relations from a strategic heig

  • German Chancellor Olaf Scholz will  visit to China

    ▶ German Chancellor Olaf Scho從金lz will visit to China 2022-11-09

    German Chancellor Olaf 們廠Scholz will pay an official visit西和 to China on Nov 4.




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