Refresher Training


Refresher Training

German training

(Summary description)The new high school curric算紅ulum standards issued by the Ministry有睡 of Education in early 2018 will b舊時e officially implemented from Se站知ptember. The new curriculum standards p區外rovide for the addition of German,拍亮 French, and Spanish 喝快subjects on the basis of English,錯電 Japanese, and Russi習老an.

In an interview with rep農務orters, Wang Zhan, chairma關知n of the Expert Working Committee of河哥 the Basic Education Curriculum a花新nd Textbooks of the Ministry of Ed笑書ucation, said: The expansi小件on of the language of general high 筆都school education is the ge喝問neral trend. The rea呢信sons for choosing German, French山懂 and Spanish this time are also for 的很the purpose of interna山大tional exchanges. The cover黑聽age of each language is high, and it i了嗎s widely used in international occasion關都s. In the future, the language will b資人e increased according to t理見he actual situation.

The new regulations represent開工 the new stage of high school foreign 化白language subjects from Eng鐵弟lish alone, to other po書城pular languages.

Since the establishment of our compa拍空ny, based on years of international頻北 education and international 少動school experience, we have 他視created an effective German teaching sy如有stem. It can be applied to al光數l German enthusiasts with different 謝器German levels and different 有水wishes.

German training

(Summary description)The new high school 森校curriculum standards但自 issued by the Ministry of E去可ducation in early 2018 will be offici老相ally implemented fro來舞m September. The new curricul了和um standards provide for the ad習對dition of German, Fren東們ch, and Spanish subjects on the bas錢日is of English, Japanese, a聽樹nd Russian.

In an interview with reporters,長上 Wang Zhan, chairman of the Expert W爸用orking Committee of the Ba章商sic Education Curriculum and Text中要books of the Ministry of Edu物白cation, said: The expansion 房電of the language of general high schoo的女l education is the general trend. Th信煙e reasons for choosing German, French 媽技and Spanish this time are內空 also for the purpose 一土of international exchanges. The 坐業coverage of each language is hig哥我h, and it is widely used in問見 international occasion理服s. In the future, the language will be 人聽increased according to the actual s愛冷ituation.

The new regulations represen農哥t the new stage of high school fore得西ign language subjects from English al拍器one, to other popular藍個 languages.

Since the establishment of our compan弟分y, based on years of int短放ernational education科那 and international school experi個看ence, we have created an effecti市北ve German teaching sys山那tem. It can be applied to all資劇 German enthusiasts with different飛都 German levels and diffe問少rent wishes.


The new high school c船信urriculum standards issued by t東吃he Ministry of Education in early 20坐煙18 will be officially imp弟刀lemented from September. T制裡he new curriculum stan還從dards provide for the a這不ddition of German, F樂器rench, and Spanish sub放理jects on the basis of Englis化現h, Japanese, and Russian.


In an interview with reporters, Wang 美術Zhan, chairman of the Expert Wo討內rking Committee of the Basic Educat購白ion Curriculum and Textbooks of the 章筆Ministry of Education, said: T子腦he expansion of the language of gener可場al high school education is the 雨化general trend. The r靜這easons for choosing German和器, French and Spanish時山 this time are also for t車火he purpose of international 自哥exchanges. The coverage of each l作房anguage is high, and it i厭去s widely used in inte影船rnational occasions. In the futu窗員re, the language will be i機兒ncreased according to the actual si理那tuation.


The new regulations represent the new聽習 stage of high school foreign l制很anguage subjects from Englis樂綠h alone, to other popu土員lar languages.


Since the establishment快議 of our company, based on y車跳ears of international education and int門音ernational school experience, we h飛術ave created an effective German te家理aching system. It can be appli什小ed to all German enthusiasts with煙但 different German levels and歌玩 different wishes.

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