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Refresher Training

Teacher Training

(Summary description)Germany is the birthpl房身ace of Industry 4.0, "Made又熱 in Germany" is synonymous with 南暗"quality and credibil水慢ity", also means quality as錢用surance, exquisite workma市動nship, durability and advanced 我分technology.

The professional level and academic上飛 ability of university teachers a謝綠re one of the important 子議windows for universities花答 to strive for double first-class. T小志eachers’ training and training is an 笑近ideal way to improve teachers’ profes理煙sional ability. Studying and traini男雨ng in Germany will in市有evitably promote the refor去厭m of school education and educat和術ion. Chemistry has played a good role 鐘暗in demonstration, and has a go如物od impact on the teac我筆hing, scientific research, and discipli月飛ne construction of school-rel冷答ated disciplines. Specifi年街cally: through the introduction of tea生舞ching materials, tea子到ching materials, experimental mate舊房rials and examination method吃來s, as well as the joint development of 來報course content, professional te刀行achers can contact a身哥nd directly participate in t個水he research of foreign 放如courses, and realize the 空公introduction, absorptio知草n and localization of foreign化師 high-quality educati窗作onal resources. Chang服光e.

Our company will proceed from tw他生o aspects of theory and actual combat, 南短and use the "theory + case + observat技和ion + actual project ana雜電lysis + resource docking" to d樂答iscuss and learn German Industry 4.0小那 with participants in depth,鐘紙 providing them with clo得近se learning of Made in German得可y Opportunities, and at the s北訊ame time feel the historical and cultur冷資al origins of German醫子y, and deeply understand the reasons讀村 why German manufacturing ca黑員n be known globally and occup短低y the top position in European m小公anufacturing.

Teacher Training

(Summary description)Germany is the birthplace of Indus市如try 4.0, "Made in Germany" i紅那s synonymous with "quality and 習日credibility", also means quality a冷文ssurance, exquisite workmanshi讀木p, durability and advanced te道子chnology.

The professional level and acad吧討emic ability of university teachers are高紙 one of the important windows for u東計niversities to strive for double fir鐵的st-class. Teachers’ traini是現ng and training is an ide金黑al way to improve teachers’ prof遠是essional ability. Studying下睡 and training in Germany wi弟冷ll inevitably promote the r個黃eform of school education 體站and education. Chemistry has 鐘身played a good role in demons日空tration, and has a good imp廠舊act on the teaching, scientific resear商銀ch, and discipline construction of s務答chool-related disciplines林懂. Specifically: through the introd跳窗uction of teaching m我關aterials, teaching materials, experimen麗從tal materials and examination森站 methods, as well as the joint developm秒爸ent of course content, professional 道司teachers can contact and directly pa都我rticipate in the resea西一rch of foreign courses, and realiz人兒e the introduction, abso輛舊rption and localization of foreig月物n high-quality educational resources老坐. Change.

Our company will proceed fro工空m two aspects of theory and a短機ctual combat, and use the "theory + ca輛麗se + observation + actual project anal的議ysis + resource dock書老ing" to discuss and learn Ger話空man Industry 4.0 with participan長哥ts in depth, providing th短車em with close learning of Made in G作聽ermany Opportunities, and at the sa司短me time feel the histo村吧rical and cultural origins of Ger朋慢many, and deeply underst少如and the reasons why German m說冷anufacturing can be kn男唱own globally and occu慢體py the top position i就妹n European manufacturing爸城.


Germany is the birthplace of Indust不也ry 4.0, "Made in Germany" i到這s synonymous with "quali睡鄉ty and credibility", al好線so means quality assura視暗nce, exquisite workmanship, durab內爸ility and advanced technology.


The professional level and大窗 academic ability of他討 university teachers are one of輛技 the important windows for univ中小ersities to strive for dou區話ble first-class. Teachers’ training and吃行 training is an ideal way t子人o improve teachers’ prof鐘放essional ability. Study業愛ing and training in Germany wil間作l inevitably promote the re熱人form of school education and ed人低ucation. Chemistry h雨這as played a good role in demons你件tration, and has a good impact o就一n the teaching, scientific res低很earch, and discipline constructi作還on of school-related disci樂機plines. Specifically: thr友的ough the introduction 動雪of teaching materials, tea愛地ching materials, experimental mat現看erials and examination methods, as 公自well as the joint development of cou場對rse content, professio風輛nal teachers can contact and direc亮山tly participate in the research o近玩f foreign courses, and re場件alize the introduction, a著房bsorption and localization of fore跳討ign high-quality educational resources.船我 Change.


Our company will proceed from工兵 two aspects of theory and a們國ctual combat, and use化飛 the "theory + case +村謝 observation + actual project analy醫妹sis + resource docking" to dis腦區cuss and learn German In刀中dustry 4.0 with part下去icipants in depth, prov高長iding them with close learnin化多g of Made in Germany老習 Opportunities, and at the sam月不e time feel the historical and 白雪cultural origins of Germany, and deep學輛ly understand the reas空樹ons why German manufacturing can be k制樂nown globally and occupy the top po海們sition in European manufacturi制暗ng.

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