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(Summary description)First about the concept 拍哥of matriculation. Ma可山ny parents of student個刀s think that the prepa黑花ratory course means the l離工anguage preparation class. In fact, it討視 is not the case, the prepar女窗atory course is a bridgin城慢g course for foreign high schools and 資他German universities for foreign stu生紅dents in Germany. Mainly because現子 of the German academic syst風但em. The university prepar她微atory course is not equi相路valent to the language p大劇reparation class. The German pr有我eparatory course is a professiona議輛l preparatory course. Theref城妹ore, before entering th城秒e German preparatory cour有了se, you must have a c他熱ertain ability in Germa明們n or English.

German preparatory courses are mainl公的y divided into comprehensive uni暗月versity preparatory cour問身ses and applied tech中但nical preparatory courses.村照

(Uni) Preparatory cour舞學ses for preparatory cla土那sses:

T-Kurs (Technology, Mathematics and S上中cience, excluding Biolo家醫gy): German, Mathematics, Physics/Che醫章mistry, Informatics.

M-Kurs (medicine, biol但土ogy): German, biology, chemis公南try, physics, mathematics, info書紅rmatics.

W-Kurs (economics, social sciences)但腦: German, mathematics, nati公件onal economics, busi信信ness economics/manag說舞ement or English, histor麗答y/geography/social courses, i空服nformatics.

G-Kurs (Arts, Arts, G事我erman Language and Literature): German,就哥 History, German Literature/近樂Some majors are English, So海快cial/Geography.

S-Kurs (Language, excluding Ger下你man): German, a second foreign language大技, history or social/geograph作有y classes, or German literature.

The compulsory preparatory courses of t照雜he University of Applied Sciences (FH黃畫):

Kurs TI (Technology and E的光ngineering): German, mathematics, natu近村ral sciences, technical drawing城都 or informatics.

Kurs WW (Economics): Germa子頻n, mathematics, national economics a區如nd business management, infor機報mation technology and 場了informatics, English.

Kurs GD (design, art): Germ森北an, mathematics, design, physics聽但, computer-supported design.

Kurs SW (Social Sciences): German, Mat很吃hematics, Social Sci站低ences (Pedagogy/Psychology, Sociolog答大y, Law), Information Techn答子ology and Informatics銀在, English.

Kurs DÜ (translation): German, se刀嗎cond foreign language (English or空謝 French, generally only advanced c空空lasses), third foreign language (場上English, French or Spanish).

Class A, the public preparatory c通外ourse of a public un體靜iversity (mainly a comprehensive遠人 university Uni, with less FH).

Representative schools: Intern亮亮ationales Studienkolleg der TU Berl家笑in Berlin University of Technology Pre美分paratory Department, Studi人他enkolleg München Munich Preparator好我y Department (Munich University of Tec和作hnology, Munich University去身 Preparatory Department), etc.

This kind of preparatory cour身務se is exactly the sa舊白me as the university. There is no t呢農uition fee, and only a registration f文厭ee of 100-300 euros is charged per seme雨紙ster. Students can register 紙熱at the university, get semester t學業ickets, apply for stu音時dent dormitories, and buy publ妹哥ic insurance. Those with ex刀空cellent pre-graduate graduation res暗師ults will be given priority in a又謝pplying to our popular majors 金林(restricted majors), with a high succe關水ss rate. Of course, you can also app秒知ly to other comprehensive unive還也rsities within the scope of Germany w樹不ithout restrictions.

Class B, the private preparatory c鄉個ourse of Uni University.

On behalf of the school T低南UDIAS-Studienkolleg TU笑人 Dresden Dresden University of 動一Technology Preparatory De歌生partment, Internationales Studienkolleg店東 an der Universität Paderbo店黑rn Preparatory Department of費我 Paderborn University (non-APS g算廠roup signing projects), etc.

This kind of preparatory course 拍麗generally costs about 5000-8000 動問euros a year. Under nor短黑mal circumstances, students can also r見訊egister at the school, get s還市emester tickets, apply for student爸什 dormitory, but can not buy public 服上insurance, you need to 制內buy private insurance. The prep知作aratory graduation application has a筆議 high success rate, and you can 亮美also apply to other compre綠草hensive universities相聽 within the scope of劇美 Germany

Class C, private preparatory course at笑務 FH University of Applied Sc北志iences.

Representative schools: T務美rier University of Appl少那ied Sciences Foundation, TH 遠雜Köln University of Applied Sciences 舞視Cologne, FH Aachen University of Appl來鐵ied Sciences, etc.

The fees and registrations are b雨線asically the same as those i黑歌n Class B. Graduation購行 of the school’s FH position can gene得有rally be guaranteed. The 數劇possibility of apply關大ing for Uni University is but not hig日中h.

The foundation application is mainly fo知綠r three types of students: non-211 und音呢ergraduate students with less than 通件3 semester results, and students 靜遠who have graduated from high sch說國ool and have not registered in u數你niversities.

If these three types of students wa吧妹nt to apply for undergraduates i他風n German universities, they can on信相ly apply for admission to the p不紅reparatory class. Direct application 章為of undergraduates is n訊懂ot allowed in Germany. Before enteri匠可ng the preparatory course, you need to 到笑have a certain German or你校 English ability, German requires 他土800 hours. At the same裡人 time, applying for the G土上erman preparatory course req票務uires an APS review (i什她nter


(Summary description書謝)First about the concept of matricul美風ation. Many parents of student還員s think that the preparato身讀ry course means the language pre子電paration class. In fact, it is not the農商 case, the preparatory cou科哥rse is a bridging course for foreign 黃花high schools and German universi技鐵ties for foreign students 錢小in Germany. Mainly because of跳話 the German academic sy上音stem. The university preparatory 術志course is not equivalent to the 河門language preparation clas又長s. The German preparatory c秒事ourse is a professional prep靜務aratory course. Therefore,看業 before entering the Ger能腦man preparatory course, you must have雪動 a certain ability in German o現睡r English.

German preparatory courses are mainl遠一y divided into comprehensive就喝 university preparatory c影是ourses and applied technical prepa地外ratory courses.

(Uni) Preparatory courses for pr姐習eparatory classes:

T-Kurs (Technology, Mathematics and Sc的哥ience, excluding Biology): German, Math信間ematics, Physics/Chemistry, Inf廠村ormatics.

M-Kurs (medicine, biology): German,行笑 biology, chemistry, 門校physics, mathematics, inform問北atics.

W-Kurs (economics, so湖機cial sciences): German, mat影兵hematics, national economics, business為場 economics/management or English, his的西tory/geography/social courses, informa計了tics.

G-Kurs (Arts, Arts, German Lan船見guage and Literature): Germa離內n, History, German Literature/Some有女 majors are English, Social/Geography.厭開

S-Kurs (Language, excluding在行 German): German, a second技筆 foreign language, hi鄉些story or social/geography cl讀線asses, or German literature.

The compulsory preparatory坐子 courses of the University of Appli理務ed Sciences (FH):

Kurs TI (Technology and Engine謝件ering): German, mathematics, 了輛natural sciences, technical drawi空坐ng or informatics.

Kurs WW (Economics): German, mathemati行費cs, national economics an刀低d business management, information美綠 technology and informatics, English.

Kurs GD (design, art): German, m什要athematics, design, ph遠農ysics, computer-supported design.土能

Kurs SW (Social Sciences): German書地, Mathematics, Social Sciences (Pe近銀dagogy/Psychology, Soci人黃ology, Law), Information Technology音跳 and Informatics, English.

Kurs DÜ (translation): G來你erman, second foreign language (E森呢nglish or French, generally 議討only advanced classes), 資微third foreign language (English, Frenc議中h or Spanish).

Class A, the public prepara議刀tory course of a public univ一算ersity (mainly a compreh這年ensive university Uni, 雪紅with less FH).

Representative schoo關區ls: Internationales Studienkolleg醫學 der TU Berlin Berlin Universi件去ty of Technology Prep信低aratory Department, Studie山影nkolleg München Munich Preparatory De朋和partment (Munich University of Technolo業的gy, Munich University Prep舊習aratory Department), etc.

This kind of preparatory c道市ourse is exactly the same as相物 the university. There is 家見no tuition fee, and only 年來a registration fee of 100-300 e購草uros is charged per semester.電不 Students can registe紅妹r at the university, get semester t村音ickets, apply for stude子請nt dormitories, and buy冷了 public insurance. Those with exce議小llent pre-graduate graduation resul高土ts will be given priori文現ty in applying to our popular majors店校 (restricted majors), with a high影姐 success rate. Of course,東兵 you can also apply 金作to other comprehensive univ麗拿ersities within the scope o嗎北f Germany without restri鄉謝ctions.

Class B, the private p雨雜reparatory course of Uni Univer數森sity.

On behalf of the school TUDIAS-Studienk計他olleg TU Dresden Dresden Univers好我ity of Technology Preparatory Departm水銀ent, Internationales Studienkolleg 內車an der Universität Pade農也rborn Preparatory Department of Paderb裡視orn University (non-APS group s黃請igning projects), etc.

This kind of preparatory c場紙ourse generally cost子紅s about 5000-8000 euro老綠s a year. Under normal cir懂這cumstances, students can also register 是書at the school, get semester快說 tickets, apply for student dorm中熱itory, but can not buy 國玩public insurance, yo是爸u need to buy private i明習nsurance. The preparatory graduatio會什n application has a high success r少事ate, and you can also apply to 湖習other comprehensive un西美iversities within the sco要月pe of Germany

Class C, private preparatory 服了course at FH University喝我 of Applied Sciences.商都

Representative schools些工: Trier University o家黑f Applied Sciences Foundation, TH Köln月睡 University of Applied Sciences煙計 Cologne, FH Aachen Unive兵吧rsity of Applied Sciences, etc.

The fees and registrations are basica員木lly the same as those in Class B. Gr地從aduation of the school’s FH posi新從tion can generally be guaranteed. The笑離 possibility of applying f呢妹or Uni University is but not hig白弟h.

The foundation applicat歌花ion is mainly for three types o如鐵f students: non-211 undergra吃藍duate students with less than 3 semest去笑er results, and students who have gr來是aduated from high school and have not要亮 registered in universities.

If these three types of students want t相離o apply for undergraduates in Ge雜高rman universities, they can on市還ly apply for admission to the prepar鐘門atory class. Direct application of日畫 undergraduates is not allowed in Ge紙行rmany. Before entering the pre雨們paratory course, you need to爸自 have a certain German or明計 English ability, German re報白quires 800 hours. At the same ti什站me, applying for the German大著 preparatory course requires an謝舊 APS review (inter


First about the concept of matricul討計ation. Many parents of students 年長think that the preparatory cou線亮rse means the language prep離用aration class. In fact,身購 it is not the case, the街拍 preparatory course is a b拿姐ridging course for forei東嗎gn high schools and German universi務樂ties for foreign students in Germa刀拍ny. Mainly because of the German aca歌刀demic system. The univer校計sity preparatory course is not equival購空ent to the language prepar少短ation class. The Ger對照man preparatory course is a prof技路essional preparatory course. Therefore弟答, before entering the German preparator熱鐵y course, you must have a cer林票tain ability in German費西 or English.


German preparatory courses用明 are mainly divided into comprehens現場ive university preparat月通ory courses and applied technical pre讀兵paratory courses.


(Uni) Preparatory cours資內es for preparatory clas輛制ses:


T-Kurs (Technology, Mathematic道生s and Science, excluding Biology還近): German, Mathematics, 哥草Physics/Chemistry, Informat東快ics.


M-Kurs (medicine, biology)外請: German, biology, chemistry, phys師對ics, mathematics, informatics.


W-Kurs (economics, soc拍信ial sciences): German, mathematic事去s, national economics, business e匠見conomics/management or Engli廠鐵sh, history/geography/social co科去urses, informatics.


G-Kurs (Arts, Arts, German Lan讀男guage and Literature): German, History農友, German Literature/Some major鐵聽s are English, Social/Geography.


S-Kurs (Language, excluding German兒間): German, a second foreign language, h頻秒istory or social/geography classes,從錢 or German literature跳房.


The compulsory preparatory courses區姐 of the University of Ap書化plied Sciences (FH):


Kurs TI (Technology and Engine兒爸ering): German, mathe有姐matics, natural sciences, 見身technical drawing or 紅你informatics.


Kurs WW (Economics): German, mathem兵都atics, national econo短那mics and business manag有我ement, information t什開echnology and informatics, English機懂.


Kurs GD (design, art): German, mathemat視大ics, design, physics, com讀愛puter-supported design.


Kurs SW (Social Scienc冷光es): German, Mathematics, Social S下又ciences (Pedagogy/Psychology, So時弟ciology, Law), Information Techno計商logy and Informatics, Eng低事lish.


Kurs DÜ (translation): German, 筆紅second foreign language (Engl但姐ish or French, generally only advanc數議ed classes), third foreign languag用鐘e (English, French or Spanish)從兵.


Class A, the public preparatory co錯人urse of a public university鐘村 (mainly a comprehensive universit為的y Uni, with less FH)行匠.


Representative schools: Internationales微電 Studienkolleg der TU Ber鐘看lin Berlin University of Technology Pr習船eparatory Department, Studienkolleg Mün少遠chen Munich Preparatory Dep慢樹artment (Munich University黑湖 of Technology, Munich University Pre靜雪paratory Department), etc.


This kind of prepara林知tory course is exactly the same as the 下資university. There is no tuition 靜見fee, and only a registration 舊影fee of 100-300 euros is charged per技匠 semester. Students can register at th得花e university, get semester ti吧年ckets, apply for stu城輛dent dormitories, and b窗輛uy public insurance. Those拍公 with excellent pre-車林graduate graduation 兒化results will be given priority in apply看畫ing to our popular majo他算rs (restricted majors), with a hig可紅h success rate. Of course, y理靜ou can also apply to 歌愛other comprehensive universities withi家農n the scope of Germany without rest中可rictions.


Class B, the private prep能說aratory course of Uni U到你niversity.


On behalf of the school TUDIAS-Stu懂場dienkolleg TU Dresden Dresden Universit微坐y of Technology Preparato家厭ry Department, Internatio睡多nales Studienkolleg an der Universi事錯tät Paderborn Preparator件工y Department of Pader微員born University (non-APS 哥雨group signing projects), etc.飛熱


This kind of preparatory course general影放ly costs about 5000-80鐘動00 euros a year. Under normal circum個銀stances, students can also register 黑錯at the school, get semester個看 tickets, apply for student dormit跳匠ory, but can not buy城林 public insurance, yo妹影u need to buy private insur錢能ance. The preparatory graduat長動ion application has a high su拍老ccess rate, and you can also ap計中ply to other comprehensive un信風iversities within the scope of Germany們醫


Class C, private preparatory course 知行at FH University of Applied Sciences.算靜


Representative schools: Trier Univer房工sity of Applied Sciences Foun行但dation, TH Köln University of A話購pplied Sciences Cologne, FH Aac身師hen University of Applied Sciences玩市, etc.


The fees and registrations are basic雨樂ally the same as those in用懂 Class B. Graduation o去區f the school’s FH position can generall會長y be guaranteed. The pos路訊sibility of applying for Uni Univers子紙ity is but not high.




The foundation application is mainl票關y for three types of student鄉媽s: non-211 undergraduat熱短e students with less than 3 s關都emester results, and 線著students who have graduated from hi火兵gh school and have not registered這海 in universities.


If these three types of students麗紙 want to apply for under嗎黃graduates in German univ花空ersities, they can only 請說apply for admission to木畫 the preparatory class. Direct ap裡玩plication of undergr一習aduates is not allowed in事南 Germany. Before entering the preparat公舞ory course, you need to hav技坐e a certain German or靜動 English ability, German requi議短res 800 hours. At the s說科ame time, applying for the German 科還preparatory course requ舊舊ires an APS review (interview). Anoth大外er thing to remind is that students who司雨 apply for direct undergraduate adm喝哥issions are likely to be required術鄉 to start studying in the pre-u土國niversity if the span of majo弟中r transfer is too large.

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